What is Deep Video Live Gaming?

Welcome to the Diver's Deck, the front row seat of all the games, tournaments, sketches, and conventions that #Booty 6 and #DVLG can bring you. 

The booty6 is an elite gaming force dedicated to bringing the most top shelf gaming experience in the streaming community. We're constantly pushing ourselves to be the best in every game we play. We provide entertainment that rivals the finest bottle service in any club worldwide. When we're not streaming, we're soaking up the sun at the booty6 gaming resorts and working on our six pack abs.

Deep Video Live Gaming is Texas’s first Worker Owned Cooperative Gaming Media Network.  We are a group of artists, creators and specialists looking to own all aspects of creation of our individual types of art.

Deep Video Live Gaming is a conglomerate of various types of gamers, from table top to PC competitive to the Console Cabana Champions. 

Get ready to dive deep with team comps' dynamic duo's and various VR and 360 videos. 

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Worker Owned Cooperatives are democratically controlled organizations.  Deep Video Live is the first North Texas based worker owned cooperative.  Cooperatives are democratically operated and adhere to a set of 7 values.